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Ragnarok Frontier apk

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Ragnarok Frontier is the latest Ragnarok Cross Platform MMORPG game that presents graphic quality that will give a nostalgic feel to the Ragnarok Online PC-style gaming experience but is packed with various conveniences and features that support the comfort of playing on a variety of platforms, ranging from mobile phones, tablets, and on Laptop / Computer.

▣ Game Introduction ▣
■ Detailed and smooth character and artwork graphics
The original Ragnarok Online's backgrounds, characters and monsters have been remade and reborn!
New visual effects! High definition screen that is smooth and sophisticated!

■ Come on an adventure in the vast world of Ragnarok
Don't hesitate to start the initial steps of adventure on the vast Midgard Rune continent!

■ Play 5 characters at once!
It's fun to be able to control five Ragnarok characters at once! Job combination that is unique and can be upgraded to Job to a higher level. Distribute skill and status points. Set your own formation and combination of your 5 Ragnarok Characters!

■ Customize your character with more than 100 different types of styles
There are various types of character customization, such as Headgear, Wings, to Accessories that can also improve your character's abilities!
Come complete your character with a variety of unique and cool items!

■ Collection of various types of Pet, Mount and Homunculus
Pet, Mount and Homunculus will increase the power status and have unique abilities that can help you in battle

■ A variety of attractive features and content
Various game modes and features, both PVP, PVE, Raid Boss will increasingly make you unable to take your eyes off the game.

This game can also be played on tablets and PCs

■ Customer Support ■
Please contact us via mailto: cs-gnjoy@gravitygame.id if you have questions about the Ragnarok Frontier game.

■ Ragnarok Frontier Access Licensing ■
Access permissions below will be required to be able to run this game smoothly.
? Upon use, the application will request the following permissions
[Access Required]
-Storage: Used to read and save game data.
▶ How to attract access
Operating system 6.0 or newer: Settings> Application Settings> Select Application> Storage> Clear Data
-Under OS 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or remove applications
※ This application may not provide an individual approval function, and you can revoke access in the manner stated above.

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