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Zash Loan app

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Zash Loan apk can provide fast loans to help everyone in Kenya who needs money to grow their business, to pay school fees, or buy goods or finance other emergencies. And for the amount of credit you can apply for up to KSh 50,000.

As for the security of customer data, the service provider (Zash Loan) guarantees that it will not share with any party without your permission, and to find out about the payment period, you can choose up to 120 days, with an interest rate in 1 year of not more than 20%.

And also to note that because it is an online lending platform, Zash Loan will charge a different service fee according to the product you choose, which is used for credit score assessment, account management, and payment fees.

And for the review process that will be carried out by the team from the app, which is for valid data, there is no need to wait more than hours for the funds you submit to be disbursed immediately. As for the conditions for borrowing, which is for at least 18 years old. above, Andda has a steady job / regular income, you are a Kenya Citizen.

For more details, you can look directly at the Zash Loan apk application, and for those of you who are currently looking for or want to use, of course, you can download the application below.

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